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Looking for Croatia public transport advice from a Croatian resident

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Elliot B.    1,141

I was told Croatia has some amazing beaches to visit in the summer so I booked some flights to the capital before even really looking to see how far it was from the coast. Turns out Zagreb is very inland :p


I will arrive at Zagreb at 4:35pm on a Friday afternoon and depart from Zagreb at 2:40pm on the following Monday, so I have a few days to spare. I also haven't booked any hostels yet, which also helps.


So, are there any buses/trains/coaches from Zagreb to a nice beach? Preferably, the beach would be next to a city or busy other location so I can do some sightseeing :)


Cheers, guys and gals!


EDIT: Just done some basic research using Google Maps and from Zabreg to these places, by car (which are quicker than buses/coaches), these are the travel times:


Split: Around 5h
Hvar: Around 6h-7h
Dubrovnik: Around 6.5h-8h


I think I'll have to stay in Zagreb :/ I can fly closer to the beaches next summer!

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tiagosilva29    885

The only croatian I know is brentaal but he was banned. Good luck!

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