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Office 365 ProPlus Installation

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dead.cell    2,097

Hi guys,


Just wanted to ask if there was some sort of generic Office 365 installation file for Pro Plus, so that the program would be ready to go with just the sign in of the actual user.


I've only seen two options which involve:


A) The user logging in to the portal and doing the installation themselves (requiring admin rights which we're trying to avoid)




B) Using Click-to-Run which pulls the install from our servers, but again, still requires admin rights.


I understand you'd need to have the rights to be able to install the program, but is there really no way to just have it preinstalled already, without the user having to sign in before hand?


We have a batch of computers we're trying to deploy overseas, and our office doesn't yet know who all is receiving what computer on their side. We just wanted to have these PCs ready to go.


Currently, the only option I'm seeing is to utilize one of our Office 365 Pro Plus accounts that allows for 5 installations to install via the 365 portal, then to deactivate it from our account leaving the installation there, deactivated in a "reduced functionality" mode.




Thank you

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Roger H.    773


This deploys click-to-run stuff using the Office Deployment tool.


That should allow you to push it out to everyone and then they just need to sign in :)




EDIT - Didn't click the link above to see it's the same thing. :blush:

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