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Hey All,


I am looking to purchase an entry level dslr camera but I am having a hard time making a decision. I have it narrowed down to 4 cameras and would love your input. My budget is between $500-$700.


Nikon D3300

Pros: Newer model, Can find housing for underwater, 

Cons: Not weather proof


Nikon D5200

Pros: Same/Similar price to D3300, more focus points than D3300, can find housing for underwater

Cons: Not weather proof, Older Model


Nikon D5300

Pros: Best camera

Cons: Most expensive on my list


Pentax K-50

Pros: Appears to be the best camera for the price on paper, 100% viewfinder coverage, faster max shutter speed, Weather proof(ish)

Cons: Reviews say its noisy, Can't find an underwater housing for diving, less lenses available


I intend to use whichever I buy for mostly landscape and wildlife photography.


Which would be the better camera between the D3300 and the D5200?

Is the D5300 going to be worth the increase in price for a beginner?

How does the Pentax K-50 compare to the Nikons for photo quality.

Anyone have other cameras in my price range they would recommend?


Thank you in advance.


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Right, I wouldn't just judge based on the reviews available, clearly the D5300 will be the best available as it is the most expensive, and most of the time cameras at the lower price points will not be completely weather proof. Weather sealing is usually on the professional grade cameras.


The best thing to do is find a local camera shop and go in and ask to have a go with these cameras, you'll usually find out which you prefer just by holding and trying them out. That's how I came to the decision to choose Canon over Nikon.

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Although I'm personally not a fan of Nikon, the D5300 is great value and absolutely worth it.

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