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Groupon Deal on Samsung Soundbar

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ACTIONpack    371

I'm looking to add a soundbar to my new Samsung UN40H6350 which I got a month ago. My old HDTV had 80Watt sound on its sides and the new one I got does not have good quality sound to it. I'm looking to add a soundbar but don't know anything about it. Don't want to spend too much on them. Try to keep it under $200. I saw a deal on Groupon for two different soundbar from Samsung but can't find any information on them. I know Groupon sells a lot of refurbished crap which this is one of them. Anyway is this a good soundbar for the price?

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LaP    1,707

I would avoid anything Samsung when it comes to speakers.


I bought one of their all-in-one home theater once thinking it would be as good as my old JVC all-in-one or at the very least as good as Logitech z-5500. It had by far one of the worse sound i've never heard coming out of speakers. I returned it right away.


Something like this might be better but there's no hdmi in on this one so could be a problem.


Heard good thing about Vizio and Panasonic too.

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