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New Gaming PC - Missing Anything? Should I Wait?

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+Andre S.    1,891

You do lose 500MHz base clock, 2MB of cache and hyperthreading. It might be that once overclocked both will reach similar final speed but the i7 has a significant headstart. 2MB of cache and hyperthreading do make a difference in certain workloads, i.e. video encoding, compiling for instance. For games it won't matter much.


Is that worth the nearly 30% price increase relative to the i5? I can't decide for you. For my last 3 computer builds I decided it wasn't; if I was to do one now, with the new i7 being clocked at 4.0Ghz I'd be quite tempted to go for it.


The Z97A has an ugly color scheme (at least to my tastes) but it looks like a solid value.


Not sure the Corsair Obsidian is really on par silence-wise with the Fractal, I don't know.

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