WP 8.1 People Hub Photo Sync to LinkedIn (Lumia 930 Running WP8.1 Update 1)

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I have recently bought a Lumia 930 running WP8.1 (update 1 but the same problem was happening without the update) having already had a 800 and 520 before . What I had setup on both these old phones is that my LinkedIn contacts were linked with my Outlook contacts and the photos people had on their LinkedIn profiles could be linked to them and displayed. This also works on Windows 8.1, Outlook 2013 and Lync so there are consistent photos across all my devices.


Has anyone managed to get this to work on WP8.1 (as I can't see any option to link the entries to LinkedIn and most of my contacts don't have any photos anymore) and and what steps did you take to get it to work?


Thanks in advance.

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George P

I don't have/use linkedin so I can't say but if it's syncing to Windows 8.1 and Outlook 2013 then it should be working.  Maybe there's some way to force it to sync on WP8.1?  Maybe you need the linkedin app installed as well?

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