Annyoing stuff with XP..

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I've found a couple things while using windows xp 2526.

One, after using files on my computer I CANNOT delete them??? WTF!.. nothing works.. I try to delete.. access denied.. 'may be used by windows' or something..

Two.. Star bar keeps flashing when something happens.. its sooo sooo distracting.

Three.. booting and shutting down takes soo very long, not that I boot up and shut down often but it seems like my system takes forever to do both now :(

Four.. scandisk can only be scheduled upon booting? why? its stupid that way.. even when I want to scan secondary drives for probs.

Maybe its just the version of XP i still have (build 2526). But these things are very annoying, and I think i might even go back to win2k... but i really like xp's stability and compatibility.

Anyone get this stuff in the RTM (2600)??

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No problems with 2600.

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I had those same problems with earlier builds. The only glitch I've found so far with 2600 is that it won't show hidden and system files in the folders even when I tell it to. Not a big deal, but I'm used to seeing everything that's on my HD, and I find it a little annoying.

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More than likely the reason that Windows XP cannot perform a scandisk within windows is because of the HAL that is used in Windows NT. Also, with NTFS, the need to use scandisk lessens because it is a more robust file system.

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