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Application Bandwidth Monitoring

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Skiver    1,805

Hi Guys,


I'm hoping some of you could tell me what application bandwidth monitoring means to you. 


Basically I have been given the task to update some documentation on monitoring the bandwidth of a series of applications on specific functions such as a client logging in, performing a search etc.


This isn't something I've done before nor do I think I truly understand what is expected. So I have downloaded and installed an application called NetBalancer which from the face of things looks like it will do the job but what I'm struggling with is the sort of guidelines I should be following so that this data is meaningful. 


Taking a client logging in for example, I can setup my monitor on a specific process and it will show me the current traffic (KB/s) the Average (KB/s) Max (MB/s) and the total (MB). I think I'm pretty safe on what those stat's mean but in terms of our customers, what do they actually want to know? The Average or Max seems to be the obvious choice but then my obvious question If I was the network admin is over what time frame?


For instance if my application uses an average of 100KB/s and a max of 2MB/s over the 5 seconds it takes to login and download it's info from the server would be completely different then with the same data sizes and it taking 10 seconds to login (correct me if I'm wrong here).


I hope this makes sense and you fine people can give me some guidance because when I asked this back at the people who are asking me to do this I got a very blank look back at me and the person who did this previously, no longer work for us.

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Praetor    988



i've used DUMeter for that end and it just works; not free though, but you can use a 30 day trial.

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