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How do you pay for things

How do you pay for things  

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  1. 1. What payment method do you use?

    • Always cash
    • Sometimes cards, sometimes cash
    • Cheque, because this is the late 80s or 90s - Or I am a hipster?
    • Always cards
    • I live in a society which only barters goods and services
    • Other

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enroh    358

99% cards...very rare I use cash which I hate carrying

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+JHBrown    10,563

Have never had a points credit card. After digging myself out of some stupid debt I built up, all of my transactions any more are just with the money I have on hand. If I don't have the money at that moment, I just don't have the money. Just out of curiosity, do the points you accrue actually offset the interest you pay on the card?

The money I run through my cards is "money I have on hand". I pay off my cards in full every month so there is no interest. My cards are used for utilities, groceries, gas, a mortgage payment, car payments, medical, and all entertainment. Our vacation every year is covered from all the points we accrue over the year. Let your credit work for you! Credit cards do not automatically mean debt. Be smart with it and reap the rewards.

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