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Everyday Picture Thread

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P!P    24

I thought it would be interesting to start an everyday picture thread. Why? I just looking at a picture someone took of a car parked on a street. Just a regular picture to someone. I thought it was funny how based on the picture, it was clearly an European town. Even without the license plate and any signs, you could tell based on architecture and the design of the street. I couldn't stop looking at it for some reason. What seemed like a very normal picture to the person who took it was fascinating to me. So, take a picture of something that is part of everyday, normal life. It might be a picture of your car, your street, your house, favorite hang out spot, your room, etc. I just think it's fun to see what makes up daily life of people all around the world. Maybe I'm the only one and this whole thread sounds crazy and no one else replies. We shall see.


I'll start with a picture I took recently after cleaning my car. Not trying to show off or anything but can you tell it's an American suburb based off the background of the picture? 




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Hum    6,928

Everyday restaurant:


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