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A website has hundreds of videos about whales and dolphins. No thumbs, just a list.
The files can either be hosted by the site, or provide links to file sharing servers. I
want to identify all videos on the list that are the same media format like mp4, wmv,
rm, etc. Is there an app that can do the job?

When you select a link for any downloadable video there is usually some info about
the file format. Sometimes it will spell out the format like RealMedia instead of the
extension RM.

I can imagine an app that provides a pop-up bubble naming the file format when
you hover the mouse pointer on the link title. If I googled for this kind of app I might
get lucky or it could take hours. If an app like this exists, please keep it simple if
possible. I'm definitely not in the data mining business.

I don't know if the browser matters, but I usually use a mozilla based browser (similar
to Firefox) called K-Meleon. It loads web pages fast.

Thanks guys.

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