[Windows Phone] AT&T Lumia Cyan

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Dot Matrix

I've been seeing reports that Cyan has been released for the Lumia 920 on AT&T here in the States. Can anyone here confirm?

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George P

It should have started, it's probably going to be slow until everyone gets it but I expect every 920 owner on AT&T should have Cyan before the weekend is over.

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I am tempted to reset my 920 back to 8.0 and get this going. Tired of poor battery life on DP + Black.

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Dot Matrix

Are you having issues like I am? I reset my phone, and now the Store is broken. I have to reset it again tomorrow.


Needless to say, I just sent Joe B. a very long letter about this Cyan release. It's been broken from the very beginning, and little to nothing is being done about it. You cannot botch this, and then announce yet another major update without fixing things.


Ever since Joe B took over the Windows division, ###### has been breaking left and right. This is starting to get very tiring.

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