Should I Get A Lumia 1520 Now or Wait?

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I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S4 (upgraded from the S2) that I got last June I believe.  I've been thinking about the switch to Windows Phone for a while now, and I think it's finally getting to a point where it's worthwhile for me to switch, even if it is still missing a couple of apps I use.  My question though is since the Lumia 930 isn't coming to the US and the Icon is exclusive to Verizon (I'm with AT&T), is it worth upgrading to the Lumia 1520 now or should I wait to see if Microsoft releases a new 5" flagship any time soon?  I was looking forward to seeing what the McLaren phone was going to be, but since it got cancelled there are no other high end phones to choose from.  I wanted the Lumia 930, but that won't be happening now.  Just curious what your thoughts are on this.

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The 1520 is a glorious device, but 5"-class it definitely is not.  You've got be committed to owning a phablet with pockets sized to match.  I love mine, although the hyper-sensitive touchscreen is an annoyance.   When I go for a jog, I take something else...

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George P

I'd say wait for now, the holidays are coming up and I expect to see a good number more Windows Phones hitting the market before this year is over. 

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I hope so.  Would be nice to see a high end device with top specs (SD805, 3GB Ram, "at least" 32GB of store "and" a microSD card slot).  I can possibly live without the microSD card slot if it comes with 32GB or 64GB of ram though, otherwise it's a must).  Also, I still have unlimited data with at&t, and I want to keep it, so the new upgrade plans they have may force me to wait.

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