Password and email changes on your registered (or new) account

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Steven P.

We get multiple reports about the emails not getting sent, while a confirmation that something was changed on your account does reach the member. We are looking into this bug (it is reported) but I would also like to ask that people check their spam folders for mails from there is a slight possibility that it is getting filtered due to the automatic nature of the email.


This also applies to new registrations.


It sucks, because we can't take off the requiring of a valid email because spammers would have a field day, so do please try the above first before contacting us.

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      One way that the researcher provided for protecting against such files is by looking for and blocking extensions such as ‘.theme’, ‘.themepack’, and ‘.desktopthemepackfile’. Additionally, BleepingComputer lists a few alternatives via group policy that restricts sending NTLM hashed credentials to remote hosts. However, the publication cautions that doing so could interfere with enterprise setups that require this feature for authentication.

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