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    • By Usama Jawad96
      YouTube plans to curb content promoting harmful conspiracy theories
      by Usama Jawad

      Many social media platforms have been cracking down on content which promotes harmful conspiracy theories. In July, Twitter banned 7,000 accounts associated with the QAnon conspiracy group. Just a few days ago, Facebook also banned accounts representing QAnon across all its platforms. Just recently, YouTube stated that it would be removing content containing misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines as well as videos linking the pandemic to 5G technology.

      Now, YouTube has again announced similar initiatives, but in a slightly broader context rather than targeting QAnon or misinformation about COVID-19 alone.

      The company says that moving forward, it will be removing all hateful and harmful conspiracy theory videos that are being used to target individuals and groups, as well as promote and justify real-world violence. To be clear, this is not the first time the company has taken such an initiative. Over the past couple of years, it has updated its recommendation algorithms to reduce the visibility of such content from its search and discovery systems, an effort which resulted in up to 80% drops in views for QAnon content. It has also banned hundreds of channels and removed thousands of videos promoting this type of content under its existing policies.

      The firm went on to say that:

      Given the tricky nature of the situation as well as tactics employed by conspiracy theory groups to subvert YouTube's regulations, the company says that it will keep updating its policies accordingly to fight this threat.

    • By zikalify
      YouTube Music is available now on the Apple Watch
      by Paul Hill

      Google has announced that its music service, YouTube Music, is now available for consumers with Apple Watch devices. The new Apple Watch app will allow people to browse their music collections, control playback, and select casting options.

      YouTube Music comes with a fairly simple interface and allows users to access their library which includes: last played, downloads, playlists, albums, and more. In another screenshot, Google shows off the music controls which consist of a pause option, skip forward, skip backwards, a thumbs up, and an option to cast the song over to a compatible device. These controls can be accessed through the YouTube Music ‘complication’ that’s displayed on the watch face.

      The Apple Watch is just the latest device where YouTube Music has been made available. On Monday, the firm introduced new features on smart TVs and Android TV OS devices. Google has also been busy over the summer introducing new YouTube Music features to a range of other devices.

      In order to use YouTube Music on Apple Watch, you’ll need to have the latest YouTube Music app, be a YouTube Premium or YouTube Premium Music subscriber, have an iPhone, and an Apple Watch Series 3 or above running watchOS 6 or newer. Google said that wearOS users should stay tuned going forward for additional updates on the service’s availability on that platform.

    • By Jay Bonggolto
      YouTube will remove videos containing misinformation around COVID-19 vaccines
      by Jay Bonggolto

      YouTube is clamping down on videos shared on the platform that attempt to spread false information about COVID-19 vaccines. The service said it is banning clips that run counter to vaccine information from health authorities such as the World Health Organization and local health agencies.

      The ban applies to videos claiming that a COVID-19 vaccine will kill someone or make people infertile. YouTube will also remove videos saying that those who get vaccinated will have microchips implanted in them. That said, the video-sharing site won't block content on general discussions about those vaccines.

      In April, YouTube introduced measures to crack down on content linking COVID-19 to 5G. It's part of the service's broader effort to rid its platform of coronavirus-related misinformation. Interestingly, the move comes hard on the heels of Facebook's announcement for a new policy that will ban ads that discourage vaccination.

      YouTube plans to introduce additional steps in the next few weeks that will give more prominence to authoritative vaccine information on its platform. Since February of this year, it has stamped out more than 200,000 videos containing false information about the pandemic. With the increasing proliferation of misinformation both on social media and video sharing sites, it's interesting to see how YouTube's latest step will help in the fight against this type of activity.

      Source: Reuters

    • By zikalify
      YouTube Music rolls out new features on smart TVs
      by Paul Hill

      YouTube has announced several new features for YouTube Music on smart TVs, they include being able to access saved playlists and liked songs and improved artwork making it easier to find the music you like. Today’s announcement follows several YouTube Music integration announcements for smart displays, Google Maps, Waze, and Google's various speakers.

      There are several new features launching today. Features available on all smart TVs include:

      If you have an Android TV OS device or the new Chromecast with Google TV, you’ll also benefit from the following additions:

      Google said it’s not going to stop with these updates; in the coming months, it will allow YouTube Music Premium users to continue playing music in the background even if they’ve exited the app, similar to the mobile app’s functionality. If you’ve not used YouTube Music yet, Google says you can find it in the YouTube app on smart TVs.

    • By Jay Bonggolto
      Google wants to turn YouTube into a shopping platform in a new test
      by Jay Bonggolto

      Google is trying to take on e-commerce giants Amazon and Alibaba with its new experiment that aims to make YouTube a shopping destination online. A YouTube representative confirmed the new test to Bloomberg.

      Citing sources privy to Google's plans, the news website reported today that some content creators on the platform have been recently asked to tag products that appeared on their videos. Google will then link these pieces of information to its analytics and shopping tools in order to develop an e-commerce catalog where users can select and directly buy products.

      Creators will have total discretion over what products appear on their clips. Google is also making it easier to directly sell through YouTube by integrating that platform with e-commerce website Shopify. It's not clear, though, how YouTube will make money from the products sold on the service. Bloomberg noted that YouTube is offering subscriptions for creators and taking a 30% tax from their subscription fees.

      The new experiment could give a boost to Google's online shopping business. In May of last year, the search giant was testing showing product recommendations along with their prices under YouTube videos. The links would then bring users to a Google Express page for checkout. That said, there's no word on when Google will widely roll out the new shopping feature in YouTube.

      Source: Bloomberg