TV mounting over fireplace mantle

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Just wanted to post my experience if some of you end up having a high fireplace mantle like mine.

I was concerned that wall mounting would've been too high and cause neck-strain from having to look-up. Not to mention it would be annoying for guests.


I found there is a good swivel mount from the company Dynamic Mounting that can bring it down to eye-level and also tilt horizontally left and right for the different sides.

Here are some pictures of the setup. When we're not using it, the mount easily goes up. You can adjust the vertical tilt angle, I have it tilted down when it's at the closed position.


I had my power-outlet and a HDMI cable pre wired so that it's behind the TV.

The TV is a Samsung UN55H7150. Love the TV and the mount!




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I actually don't mind that at all. It makes it look classy but it can still be functional. Well done.

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Looks good. When I read the title I thought "this guy is going to get a sore neck staring up at a TV above a fireplace" but you've solved it with that mount.

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