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According to Ubi, they want you to use optical for audio, not hdmi, due to lag issues. They posted a diagram online on how to setup your xbox one, located here


Currently my Sony Bravia TV, is connected via Hdmi into my HDMI In (ARC) on my Denon 2113CI receiver. I also have my Amazon Fire TV plugged into the receiver via HDMI. The Dish hopper runs HDMI to Xbox One. Then another HDMI goes from XBOX one to my receiver. 

What do you suggest then for using optical? Your diagram on your webpage shows plugging the TV into my xbox one. Well if I do that, then when I use my Fire TV, which is plugged into my receiver, that isn't going to work.

Should I just plug in the optical cable from xbox one, to my receiver, while also having it plugged in via HDMI, then just set xbox one to PCI and be done with it?

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Yes, absolutely. 

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Thanks, if having both HDMI and Optical coming out of the xbox one wont cause an issue, ill go that route.

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Surely they don't expect everyone to buy and connect optical cable just to play this game without sound lag.. why would it have sound lag via hdmi cable anyway?

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Surely they don't expect everyone to buy and connect optical cable just to play this game without sound lag.. why would it have sound lag via hdmi cable anyway?

I would guess it has just as much to do with the fact that different TV's and Receivers will also introduce the lag as well, especially when using HDMI since it is outputting both signals.

So they suggest optical since it is pure audio and would therefore in theory have the least amount of lag, but I do not think it eliminates the lag completely either. Just that it should in theory have even less lag than going with HDMI for both.


With all that said I do agree you would think they would do whatever they can not to make it so complicated for the end user, but especially with a music rhythm game it is pretty much unavoidable. IIRC the game also has a calibration tool to try and compensate for whatever lag does exist.

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Surely they don't expect everyone to buy and connect optical cable just to play this game without sound lag.. why would it have sound lag via hdmi cable anyway?

From what I can tell because video needs to be processed, audio is given a delay in an attempt to sync and it doesn't always work well.  Some setups will be fine through HDMI, some won't, but it's variable.


Here's a thread talking about the PS3 version a few years back -

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On 11/4/2014 at 7:35 PM, RatherLargeBear said:

Yes, absolutely. 

So I just installed Rocksmith 2014 Remastered on an X Box 1. There is a delay - as you know. The manufacturer-provided diagram and explanation of how to add a separate speaker were mind-numbingly unhelpful. What extra cable or parts do I need to buy? Where do they plug in. Clear pictures or diagrams are required as part of your answer. Help me out and I will grill you some cheese burgers.

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