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Help on consecutive days logged in


stevember    138
It is relatively simple but I am making it complicated.
I want a counter on a player's profile of how many consecutive days they have been active.
Logged in 51 days consecutively
Longest consecutive period was 68 days
I'm not sure how to store and check.
1. I store their latest online time UNIX every time they refresh the page.
2. Need a function that would update the counter if it has not been updated already that day.
My thoughts are:
Could run a Cron every 24 hours to simply check if their online has been within the last day then either reset or +1. Also check if current consecutive is larger than consecutive record if so copy over.
How would you do it?


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articuno1au    1,264

I'd store 2 values: Count and Last Online.

If last online == today -1, count++;

else if last online != today, count = 0;

last online = today/now/whatever;

Run that as a cron and you should be right, alternatively on login or pageload depending on how things are running.

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