Hiding AV components with speaker fabric

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I'm in the process of having a custom entertainment/media center cabinet built, and I'm trying to get the right combination of looks and usabiliity. Just under the TV, I'll have a section to place my AV receiver, satellite receiver, Bluray player, etc. The functional thing to do would be to leave this section open so that there are no line-of-sight issues with remote controls, and also to prevent heat issues. The appearance would look better, however, if maybe this had a door to cover this section.


If I have a door over this section, it might hide the components well during times where I have everything pretty much turned off (except the satellite box for DVR purposes). But when I get ready to use it, I would have to open the section up so that remotes work and things don't get too hot.


If I don't cover the section, everything should be fine except the less-than-perfect appearance factor.


I had an idea, though: what if I had a door over this section, but not a solid one. Instead, have a door that contains a frame, but with the bulk of the door being made with some sort of speaker fabric.


Do any of you think this would work? Should this help as far as heating issues go? Anyone think I would have a problem with remote controls?

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there are ways to hide the receivers and have a remote extension put in place. You can move the receivers into a closet somewhere else and have the remotes still work (have done this is some homes and doctors offices).  You can put a fan to suck air in and blow out the hot air somewhere else (possibly to a open cavity in the back).  This way you can keep everything closed and looking neat.


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Another option is to use HDMI-CEC which is supported by most AV components. I use my TV remote to control not just the TV but also the AVR, Blu-ray player and HTPC which are all out of sight. Only the TV recieves the IR signal and pass it along to the other components over HDMI.

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