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USB DAC vs Home Theater Receiver's DAC

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jmc15john    125

Ok, someone help me out please.  I just got a new Pioneer VSX 44 Reciever at Best Buy from the Magnolia section over black friday and the sound is amazing.  Now all I need is a projector and I won't need movie theater's anymore .


Anyways, I've been reading about USB DAC, specifically from the Fiio X3, which players all your losses audio formats and has USB DAC where I can hook it up to my PC, have it convert the signal from digital to analog, then feed it to an amp or right into my reciever.  Wouldn't the sound quality be the same if I just hooked up the Fiio X3 directly into the line in of my Reciever?  Is the reason for having USB DAC that you can have your playlist's managed on a PC vs a small portable player?


I'm looking to get the Fiio X3 anyways, don't quite have the money for the X5.  Just curious about the DAC features.  Thanks for any help. 

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epk    56

I think the sound should be the same if you're using the Fiio's DAC on both cases?


How's the DAC on the receiver? I don't know how good the X3 is but maybe it would be better to use a digital output from your PC directly into the VSX 44. You can try both and compare, and I guess easy of use and connections also play a part.

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