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Read something about Aliens and this came to mind. I see a lot of atheists, not necessarily here, say that aliens don't exist. That train of thought is puzzling to me because if Aliens don't exist, that means we are alone in the universe. If we are alone, that means we are not an accident which in turn means we were created by something. Accidents don't happen once, they happen over and over.

And for the people that believe in God, why would he create us and no one else? And for those that don't believe in either, mathematically there are millions of planets that fall into the "goldie locks zone" which is perfect for replicating life. Any thoughts?

I think this post is fallacious from the outset. Most atheists, being the sort of person who uses reason and logic, affirm that aliens MUST exist. What most believe is that aliens haven't visited the Earth. Just because we don't believe in little grey men abduting cows and probing farmers doesn't mean we don't believe in other civilisations outside of our solar system. There are 400 billion stars in our galaxy and millions of billions of stars in our universe. How many universes there are is up for debate, but it could be as many as infinite. Other life existing beyond our petty system is as much of a statistical certainty as you're going to get.

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Arachno 1D

Life could be a by-product of the universe..

On that point I agree, we could be in essense the flea on a Cats back in that whilst we are not part of the whole we reside in or upon it but not by design or intent.

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      We gotta cut down on the use of those emojis, guys   ...oops