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Xenoblade Chronicles X Has 4-Player Online Co-Op, USB Keyboard Support, and More

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freak180    551

This morning's (February 6) Xenoblade Chronicles X live streamed event revealed a lot of new information about Monolith Soft's upcoming open-world RPG. The presentation focused on the world of planet Mira, and revealed that the game will take place across five continents. In fact, it's mentioned that the distinct areas within these continents are so numerous that they can't all be described at once. However, each contains a number of Landmarks, Unexplored Regions, and Superb Views to discover.


Also on show was X's main city, New Los Angeles (hereinafter referred to as NLA). The town, which will act as a hub for your adventures, consists of four districts: industrial, commercial, residential, and the military zone known as the BLADE area.


The map of the land surrounding NLA is segmented into hexagonal tiles. Some of these tiles contain Frontier Spots, where you will be able to establish Data Probes that add new information to the Frontier Network in the form of revealing the data of all the surrounding tiles. This opens up new quest opportunities and also allows you to warp travel to any Data Probe you've previously established. Completing quests also contributes to forming bonds between the residents of NLA in a manner much like the Affinity Chart of the original Xenoblade Chronicles.


- See more at: http://www.gamnesia.com/news/xenoblade-chronicles-x-has-4-player-online-co-op-usb-keyboard-support-#.VNUOC9XF-BE



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satysin    208

And this game is the reason I will buy a Wii U. I am not a big Mario Kart or Smash Bros. fan but Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii was a masterpiece.

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