Ad injections - win phone 8.1

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Over the last 6 months or so (possibly longer) I've noticed what appear to be random ad injections when using IE on win8.1 phone.

Typically they appear as 30% screen size at the top of a site or a small banner ad. It's hard to know if this is just the site, but they don't feel in character for many sites and are apparently random as most visits don't have them (today I received a small carpet cleaner add between the Neowin main article picture and the link, but on a refresh it looked normal again... and on other sites similar).


Does anyone else have this?

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I occasionally get adverts on Neowin when I am on windows phone - I assumed it was just the website to be honest

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Nick H.

Neowin serves ads to mobile devices, I've just gone and double-checked on my mobile. However, I don't think it's Neowin's adverts that londan is talking about. Londan, you mention that this is happening with other sites as well? I'm just looking for clarification.

Could you take a screenshot when you next see one of these adverts?

Also - and I know this might be difficult to do given the amount of time - but do you remember changing anything when the ads started appearing? Did you install an application that could be the cause, for example?

Have you tried accessing the same sites with a different browser?

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Actually I started to notice just Neowin serving ads to my IPhone 5c not too long ago

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