Streaming from my portable HDD

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I want to stream from my portable HDD to my Plex media server and DON'T want to keep my computer running. Is it possible? I may not have explained this to your satisfaction so be gentle on me because I have no idea how to explain it better than I just did lol.


Edit: The portable HDD is connected to my N600 router. Just realized I didn't include that.

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Plex media server has to be running on something that is on. It doesn't have to be a pc but it has to be something. Rasberry pi would work.

If not, then a dedicated box that would run the plex server.

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My Netgear R6300 router has a built-in DLNA server, I believe the N600 does too.  You should be able to stream from it without the need for Plex.

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