Guy Sebastian selected to represent Australia at Eurovision


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+Frank B.
Guy Sebastian selected to represent Australia at Eurovision

Former Australian Idol winner chosen to be Australia

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      Tesla's "Big Battery" explodes causing big flames and smoke, warning out for locals
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      via 7NEWS Melbourne (Twitter) A 13 tonne Lithium battery inside a container unit - that's part of one of Tesla's largest batteries ever deployed, dubbed the "Victorian Big Battery" - caught fire earlier today. The plant is located at Moorabool in the state of Victoria, Australia.

      Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV), the fire-fighting organization of the state, was quick to respond in order to contain the breakout. Drones were also deployed to help with the monitoring. A Specialist Officer was sent to the scene to observe the condition of the air in and around the surroundings as well.

      In fact, a warning has since been issued by VicEmergency in relation to the toxic smoke that's being emitted. VicEmergency is responsible for broadcasting emergency information and warnings.

      The Victorian Big Battery was commissioned back in November 2020 by the Australian government in order to achieve the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) by 2030. This Megapack system at Geelong, Victoria, was planned for launch in summer 2021-22 which would then be able to deliver a promised 300MW / 450MWh of renewable power.

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      Last week, Ecosia said that it would be using revenues earned on Tuesday, July 27, to restore and protect areas affected by wildfires. It has now shared the results from this effort; enough was raised to plant 5,000 trees in California, 7,500 trees in Byron Bay, Australia, and to help support firefighters in Brazil who are protecting 321,400 trees in the Atlantic Forest.

      Ecosia explained that in the United States it’s starting a new project with Californian landowners to replant burnt areas with native species. Its reforestation partner, the American Forest Foundation, is also doing work to limit the spread of wildfires by thinning existing forests. In Byron Bay, Ecosia’s partner ReForest will plant the newly funded 7,500 trees in September and October. According to Ecosia, rainforests in this region of Australia struggle to naturally regenerate so this planting effort will help to restore habitats that otherwise would have struggled to return.

      Explaining the work in Brazil, Joshi Gottlieb, Ecosia’s content lead, said:

      Typically, users’ search results generate revenues that are distributed to projects all around the world; in May, recipient countries were Madagascar, Brazil, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Australia, Senegal, the Philippines, Cameroon, and Ghana. On some days, like Tuesday, Ecosia decides to send a whole day’s worth of revenue to select projects. It did this in January 2020 and in November 2020 too.

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      Ecosia, the tree-planting search engine powered by Microsoft’s Bing, has announced that it will be using revenues from people’s searches next Tuesday to fund tree planting and other initiatives in the United States, Brazil, and Australia to restore areas decimated by wildfires. The trees will not only recover the areas but provide more resilience against future wildfires.

      Ecosia’s business model is fairly simple, people browse the web and are shown a few ads at the top of the search results just like Google and Bing do. The revenues that Ecosia collects from these search engines are then largely investing in tree financing. In May 2021, Ecosia’s income was €2,181,020 and €1,133,436 was spent to finance 1,713,195 trees. The rest of the money went to green investments, taxes and social security, advertising its product, and operational costs.

      Commenting on what’s happening, Joshi Gottlieb, Ecosia’s content lead, said:

      This is not the first time that Ecosia has dedicated an entire day to funding specific projects. After weeks of fires in Australia, Ecosia announced in January 2020 that it was giving revenue raised on January 23 specifically to tree planting in Australia. This resulted in Australia getting 26,446 trees just from one day’s efforts.

      If you’re interested in helping out next Tuesday (July 27), just switch your browser’s default search engine over to Ecosia – doing this is supported on most popular platforms. All you need to do is search the web as normal and then Ecosia can start collecting revenue. It should go without saying, do not click on ads you’re not interested in as this will only harm the initiative.

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      FBI-run encrypted messaging app snares hundreds of criminals worldwide
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      According to a BBC News report, the FBI, working with the Australian government, has apprehended more than 800 criminals worldwide involved in drug smuggling, money laundering, murder plots, and more thanks to the encrypted messaging app ANoM which the FBI was secretly running.

      The ANoM app was part of a wider ANoM company that the FBI had created. Devices loaded with ANoM were distributed throughout criminal networks through senior figures which gave other criminals the confidence to use the app for day-to-day activities. Around 12,000 ANoM devices were used by criminals over the course of the operation. The devices were used in around 300 criminal syndicates across more than 100 countries.

      Commenting on the joint operation between the FBI and Australia, the Australian Federal Police commissioner, Reece Kershaw, said:

      AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE Among the items seized in the operation were drugs, weapons, luxury vehicles, and cash. Specifically, eight tons of cocaine, 250 guns, and $48 million in various currencies and cryptocurrencies were also seized. The operation is reportedly still ongoing in several other countries.

      According to a police statement, Australian fugitive and alleged drug trafficker Hakan Ayik was instrumental in the success of the operation, having originally accepted an undercover police phone with the ANoM app, who then recommended it to fellow criminals. Police have urged Ayik to turn himself in for his own safety.

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      Twitter formally announces Blue subscription, rolling out in Canada and Australia
      by Jay Bonggolto

      Twitter's long rumored subscription service quietly launched late last month, courtesy of an update to the app's listing on Apple's App Store. Twitter Blue costs $2.99 per month, and for that price you'll get access to a number of features such as the ability to organize tweets into folders, use custom icons, and change the app's accent color.

      Today, the micro-blogging service formally introduced Blue, with its first iteration now rolling out in Australia and Canada. Subscribers in those countries will pay CA$3.49 or AU$4.49 to have access to several premium features mentioned above as well as the ability to revise a tweet before it goes live with "Undo Tweet". This feature allows you to set a timer of up to 30 seconds, within which you can retract your tweet and make the necessary changes before posting it. More importantly, it gives you some time window to preview your tweet before anyone else can see it.

      In addition, there's a new Bookmark Folders feature with which you can organize your saved tweets in a single location where it's easier to find them. If you'd like a more convenient reading experience, then the “Reader Mode” is your thing. It lets you view threads more easily by “turning them into easy-to-read text”.

      Twitter Blue is initially available in Australia and Canada starting today, with the goal of gathering feedback in order to build more features for subscribers. There's no word, though, as to when the service will launch in other regions.