Looking for new tripod


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So after ages of using generics and losing backplates, i've owned, two of theses generic: 





Not that exact same model, but just so you get the idea.



Ken rockwell swears by this one (though I normally dislike any of his recommendations, this does seem to be "sane").





My max budget would be around $100.


The weight is a D600 (1lb ish) plus 50mm and 85mm  small prime lens, so tops 3 lb.




I don't do much of tripod shooting, but I have myself with the ocasional need for one every now and then (family photos, long exposures) eg. the use wouldn't use it 24/7

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aye, if no one objets then  I guess ill get that dolica.



Currently stuck in between that dolica,


Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod  and AmazonBasics 62-Inch Aluminum Ball Head Tripod
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This shoud help you find one that suits your needs. manfrotto are great ones and some can be had at great deals


Oy, most of those gitzo and manfrotto are way out of budget !

I have a tripod from Velbon.  not sure what model.. I have to look it up.

also any input on it?

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