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Why Does LinkedIn Need To Know My Email Password?

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I was just on the LinkIn website and wanted to give them my email address so that they could send me notifications. I noticed that they required me to actually give them my email address password. Why in the world would they ask me for that if all they are doing is sending emails to it? 


I smell a skunk. 

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Matthew S.

No they don't require you to give them your password.  You were on the add people you may know page which allows you to login to your gmail/hotmail/etc account and spider your own contact list for people to potentially add.

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Matthew is right, it's completely legit. :)

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      Keep in mind that the total recording time is 10 seconds only. LinkedIn also recommends recording in a setting with low background noise and speaking each syllable clearly. Your recorded audio will then appear next to your name in your introduction card. Although audio recordings can be made only through mobile, anyone can listen to the clip via any device.

      The feature will be made available starting this week. Next month, it will be rolled out to all members worldwide.

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      Apple announced iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 during its WWDC annual conference last month. A beta of the OS for developers was then released right away, providing users a look at all the changes that are coming, including highly-requested functionalities such as an App Library and widgets on the home screen on the iPhone, and more. However, the update will also bring new privacy features, such as the ability to notify users when an app accesses their clipboard.

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      Interestingly, some companies have responded to the allegations, clarifying that the clipboard access is indeed a bug. LinkedIn’s Erran Berger responded to Morton’s tweet noting that the behavior is due to an “equality checker” between the clipboard contents and contents in a text box. He added that the data is not stored or transmitted. A fix has already been rolled out for the iOS app that removes the code responsible for the behavior.

      Reddit also responded to The Verge stating that the issue was with the ‘post composer’ that “checks for URLs in the pasteboard and then suggests a post title based on the text contents of the URL”. That company too says that the clipboard contents are not stored or sent to any parties. A fix for the issue will be rolled out on July 14. TikTok too promised to remove the feature last month and called it an “anti-spam” feature.

      Considering that some companies are aware of the behavior, it will be interesting to see if more app makers come forward and remove the ability to access the clipboard at each keystroke, including for their Android counterparts.