What kind of activity can I get involved in that's gender balanced?

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Dont send pics of that - I wanted to see pics of you and the women you have contacted with...  thats all

If you are wanting some "practice" even if you dont drink, bars/sportsbars/clubs are all easy to talk to people kinda place - that social lubricant does work.

So many times it seems when you are not looking is when you find that special someone

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going dancing is gender balanced . Both gender feel equal in the activity. if is also a fun and exciting way to network and meet people of like minds. So many benefits too. Can be used as a workout or stress reliever too. 

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Just curious, why do you prefer not to date older women? Is it because you feel their looks decline after a certain age?

Because truth be told if I was in your situation not only would I date older women, they would be my focus.

There should in theory be a lot less games involved with them. You are still going to get games regardless, but since they have been around a little bit longer their tolerance for games should be lower, at least one would imagine that would be the case.

I strongly agree to you.

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Generally, men date younger females. It's very rare where I see a couple where the woman is younger and if so, she's usually only 1-2 years older... Not significantly older

As someone that married a woman 7 years his senior, you're missing out.   

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