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Virtual Networking woes



Hi -


This is driving me nuts so if anyone can help me, it would be appreciated.


My set up is a HP Microserver running XenServer 6.5.

The box itself has two NICs - an Intel desktop NIC and the built in Broadcom NIC.

The two NICs are mapped to a XenServer Network each - the Intel one connected to a virtual 'LAN' network, the Broadcom connected to a virtual 'WAN' network.

The Broadcom NIC is connected to a VSDL modem.

The Intel NIC connects to a gigabit switch and the rest of the home network.


A pfSense virtual machine bridges the two networks in XenServer, connecting through the 'WAN' network via PPPoE eventually to my ISP.  The pfSense virtual machine also provides DHCP, DNS etc to the LAN.


Now - I have two virtual machines connected to the virtual 'LAN' network.  The first of these is a WHS2011 machine, the second being an Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS.


Physically connected to the gigabit switch, is an access point and a number of physical devices (desktop PC, TV, Media Player, Sonos etc.).

Connected to the access point are a number of wireless devices - phones (Windows Phone, Android and iOS), an Android Tablet, Windows laptops (Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10), MacBook, Chromebook etc.


The back bone of the network is a bunch of devolo home plugs (including the AP).


Right, if I have missed anything out - let me know.


All these machines should be able to connect to the internet, and they all seem to be able to.  However, HTTP traffic to the internet seems to be very slow work from the two virtual machines (although quick for the intranet).


Pinging my pfSense router from any client (physical or virtual) yields about the same speed.

cUrl'ing (or the equivalent) an internal web server (for example the one that runs on my NAS connected to the gigabit switch), yields about the same speed from any client (physical or virtual).

Pinging www.google.com from any client (physical or virtual) yields about the same speed.

cUrl'ing (or the equivalent) an www.google.com from everything except the two virtual machines is as expected - quick (not timed it, but sub-second).

Doing same thing from the two virtual machines - Ubuntu or WHS - can take over 30 seconds.  For example running "time curl www.google.com" in Ubuntu just came back with a time of 0m44.385s - which is just plain absurd.


Other things that are worth mentioning -

1) The WHS VM has a static IP Address with a DNS record in pfSense.

2) The Ubuntu box has a DHCP allocated IP Address (I've just stood it up and not got round to changing it yet).

3) Wireless clients on my home network typically have reserved addresses provided by DHCP.

4) Wired clients on my home network typically have static addresses and a DNS entry.


Any advice that anyone can provide would be appreciated.  I feel like I am missing something very obvious here.

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there are some issues with running pfsense on xenserver.. It is all over the forums on pfsense.




Very slow traffic from other VM's through pfSense on XenServer



I googled this for hours and found nothing.

Thanks, as ever.

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Yep - absolutely fixed it.

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