E3 2015 Sony Press Conference Discussion

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Don't really think this needs its own topic so I will stick it here, Shu eating a hot pepper

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    • By Namerah S
      Assassin's Creed Valhalla has gone gold, Ubisoft announces
      by Namerah Saud Fatmi

      Ubisoft Montreal took to social media platform Twitter to announce that its upcoming Assassin's Creed title has finally gone gold. That's dev industry jargon used when a video game is out of the development stage and a final master copy of it has been prepared. Once a title goes gold, it is ready to be printed onto physical discs and then distributed.

      Now that Assassin's Creed Valhalla is ready for mass production, it shouldn't be too long before copies of the game are handed over to distributors - especially considering the fast-approaching launch date.

      The latest instalment in the elaborate Assassin's Creed universe is scheduled to release on November 10 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and PC. As the PS5 will launch a few days later, Sony's next-gen video game platform will get the title a few days later on November 13.

      Pre-orders for the Viking themed game are currently open and can be placed on its official website. Both physical and digital versions of Assassin's Creed Valhalla can be pre-purchased at the moment. Xbox Series X|S users can opt for Smart Delivery while pre-ordering. If you're a PC gamer intending to buy the game, a detailed list of system requirements for AC Valhalla can be found here.

    • By Jay Bonggolto
      Sony brings its digital camera webcam software to macOS
      by Jay Bonggolto

      Sony released today a new version of its digital camera webcam software that allows customers to use its cameras as webcams on macOS. The software tool was previously made available to Windows PCs in August.

      The Imaging Edge Webcam solution is now available to download on macOS versions 10.13 to 10.15. It brings support for a wide range of Sony's recent digital camera models. It lets users connect a Sony camera to their MacBooks for use in videoconferencing, for example, with high-quality video calls.

      Supported camera models include Sony's E-mount cameras such as the ILCE-7M2, 7RM2, 7S, 7SM2, 6100, 6500, and more. It also works with the A-mount series like the ILCA-77M2, ILCA-99M2, and ILCA-68. As for vlog cameras, the software tool supports the ZV-1, DSC-HX95, DSC-RX0M2, DSC-RX100M5A, DSC-RX10M2, DSC-RX1RM2, and more camera models. Overall, 36 models are compatible with the tool.

      You can download the software solution here and follow Sony's guide on how to connect your camera to your MacBook. The download page also contains the list of supported models. Sony is not among the first camera manufacturers to offer a software tool designed to turn its cameras into webcams. Canon, Fujifilm, and other companies have already offered a similar tool for their respective cameras.

    • By indospot
      Sony shows off the PlayStation 5's user interface
      by João Carrasqueira

      As we approach the launch day of Sony and Microsoft's next-generation consoles, information is starting to come out at a more rapid pace to build up excitement. Microsoft revealed the list of games that will be optimized for Xbox Series X and S at launch, and Sony has shared a video and blog post going over the PlayStation 5's user interface for the first time.

      The video shows a lot of what you'd expect, starting with the Control Center, which is quickly accessible by pressing the PlayStation button at any time. This interface will give users access to a handful of options such as online friends, notifications, and sound settings, but the most notable part of the interface here are the cards lined up above the menu.

      These cards can contain a variety of things, such as news related to games the user is following (if they're waking up the console on from sleep mode), and recent screenshots or videos they've captured. But the most interesting ones are the activity cards, which represent activities that can be performed within games, such as specific levels. These cards not only make specific activities more quickly accessible, they can also tell users how much progress they've made in a specific activity, and the amount of time left to complete it. Once expanded, these cards can also show additional objectives for the level, and if the player finds themselves stuck, developers can even provide hints for these objectives directly in the PlayStation 5's UI.

      Other elements of the UI that were shown off include a new party system, with notifications and messages showing up in an overlay over the game. Parties have new features now, and members can begin sharing their screen, while other members can watch their gameplay in picture-in-picture mode while playing their own game. Parties can also be used for sharing game captures like screenshots and videos, though you can also share them to Twitter if you prefer that.

      We also got a look at the home screen (pictured at the top of this article), which is what you'll see when you power up the console after turning it off completely. Here you can see your library of games, along with corresponding news or activities you can jump into. While media apps are also set to be available, they'll be placed in a separate tab, so you'll only see games when that's what you want to focus on. The PlayStation Store has also been baked into the home screen as its own tab, rather than working like a separate app.

      If you'd like to see all of this in action, you can watch the full video here.

    • By Jay Bonggolto
      Apple TV app is now available on Sony's smart TVs
      by Jay Bonggolto

      Sony announced today that the Apple TV app is rolling out to some of its smart TVs. The app is available to download now in the U.S. via a software update, starting with Sony's X900H series.

      That means you can now access original content from Apple TV+ and Apple TV channels as well as new movies and documentaries including The Morning Show, See, Defending Jacob, Ted Lasso, Greyhound, The Banker, Boys State, and Beastie Boys Story. You can also watch a selection of curated recommendations.

      In addition, you can subscribe to channels available on Apple TV like SHOWTIME, CBS All Access, and Starz directly on the app. And you can share your subscriptions with up to six family members using your personal Apple ID and password through the Family Sharing feature.

      Today's announcement gives a boost to Apple's efforts to bring Apple TV+ to as many platforms as possible. Last month, LG's 2018 OLED and Super UHD TV models added support for Apple TV. It also looks like Apple TV is coming to Xbox consoles soon. By the end of this year, the Apple TV app will also be available on Sony's select 2018 sets and most 2019 and 2020 models.

    • By Usama Jawad96
      Here's the list of PS4 games not supported on PS5
      by Usama Jawad

      While Sony has already made clear that the PlayStation 5 won't be compatible with PS1, PS2, and PS3 games, we haven't heard anything concrete about support for PS4 games, until now. The company has now published a support page detailing how backward compatibility for PS4 games will work on its next-gen console.

      First up, almost all the 4000+ PS4 games will be supported on the PS5, although Sony has stated that some might have limited functionality and "exhibit errors or unexpected behavior" on its upcoming console. As such, the company has stated that before purchasing DLCs and add-ons for PS4 games, it is recommended that you boot up the game on the PS5 and see if you're happy with the experience first.

      Furthermore, Sony has also published a tentative list of PS4 games that are not playable at all on the PS5. These are:

      DWVR Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume One TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 2 Just Deal With It! Shadow Complex Remastered Robinson: The Journey We Sing Hitman Go: Definitive Edition Shadwen Joe's Diner It has also clarified that select PS4 games will take advantage of PS5's "Game Boost" to run games at higher or smoother frame rates. It's not yet clear which titles will take advantage of this capability of the console.

      Digital games and their associated saves can be transferred to the PS5 over Wi-Fi and you can also pop in a PS4 game disc into the $499 console to play it. Moreover, the firm has detailed peripheral compatibility with the PS5. The highlights from that section are that both DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers can be used with PS4 games on PS5 but the former is recommended for the best experience. However, the DualShock 4 will not support PS5 games.

      Lastly, here are some other limitations of PS4 backward compatibility on PS5:

      You can find out more details by visiting the company's knowledge article here.