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this is a new subscription based service similar to netflix except that the movies are completely family friendly. There are no movies with curse words as this appears to be a service for religous oriented people who want movies that are family friendly and on subjects that are appropriate for different age groups.


example: divination. is a movie about spiritual warfare between evil demons versus Angels for the very lives of a couple of families who have wives that have been taken over by a demon "divination" through occult media usage in their homes. such as tarot cards and evil incantations. the main character has a special power, GOD given to see these demons and angels accordingly. this movie comes with a warning due to the subject matter and the word  "hell" has been edited out accordingly.


the movies I've skimmed through all seem to have a decent collection of childrens titles safe for kids too. This is a new service.


$7.99 per month and they continue to add new movies .

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