The sixth mass extinction on Earth has officially begun...

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Which scientists and who's payroll are they on?  Always important to check the source.

ahh yes "The Splendid Source"

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Decebalvs Rex

We will evolve to a stage where our technology will help us leave the planet or make it look like a garden.

So many crap predictions.. The best one in my book is " Our water sources will be depleted". 70.8 % water around and humans already have the tech to separate the salt.

"There will be no food." A study (won't bother to search it again) claimed we only have 20 % of our lands filled with crops, etc. All those hills and lands you see when driving to your grandpa can grow food. Well, most of them.

"Asteroids will squeeky clean us". This one is more probable but the Russians and Americans already simulated something close, when they developed Nuclear nukes.


Just imagine if we develop a bacteria wich forces the vegetation around to overgrow, turn your favourite downtown into a damn jungle by 5 years time. That should deal with CO2.

Species? They either adapt or die, some go extinct , some evolve. If not possible to replace them, modify one's genes to eat seeds and take a crap every 10 minutes in order to spread them.  

Terra is just one big laboratory boys, keep the wheel turnin'.

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President Devil

Oh goody, time to tidy up the place and make sure humanity is next on the agenda.

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At this point with the level humans are, we could have a nuclear holocaust and we still wouldn't be extinct.


We'd literally need a giant meteor that split the planet in half and destroyed it to kill of all humanity. Even the most lethal bio threats wouldn't kill us all, and that includes the ones we engineered to make even more lethal. 


We're humans, not dinosaurs, we have technology. we survived an ice age with bodies completely unsuitable to it, thanks to our primitive "technology". 

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