Postcard printing problem with postal service

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This is not really a hobby but I couldn't figure out where to put this.


For a marketing campaign, I am design postcards for my business. I made a 2 sided design and bought glossy postcards from Office Max and printed about 20 to start. I sent one to my Dad just to make sure it went through the system OK. He showed it to me and the ink was partially smeared like it wasn't dry. I'm guess it happened running through a sorting machine.


Is there a way to prevent that from happening? Maybe a better quality card stock? I'm using an Epson ink jet so I am thinking it may not be avoidable and I'll have to use a professional printer.


Any advice?

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Color laserjet might be your only good option.

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abecedarian paradoxious

Another option may be laminating them after printing.

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+NJ Louch

I have done this before on a large scale.  We used a wax printer.

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