The Order 1866 in 4K. Well Kinda

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I said I would not purchase the order until it was at least $20.00.

Best Buy just so happened to have the game for $20.00 the other day as part of their Deal of the Day Sale.

Yes I know I said I wanted to only have digital games only this gen, but i'll live with it for now.


I also gave into the 4K craze as well.  The gentleman gave me a deep discount on the Samsung UN55HU7250fxza (think I got it right) Curved 4K TV.  Only paying a little over a $Grand for it ($1120 or so out the door) And for those wondering, yes it is that amazing. Re-watched Daredevil in 4K... NUTS


Yes I know the PS4 (and One for that matter) dont do native 4K gaming, but I decided to mix some 1866 & 4K anyways.


Here are the results 



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I guess I should of uploaded it to Youtube or something.  but I went with Ustream because it was the quickest to get up and running.


Let me also note, I've never seen the 1866 in person prior to this moment.  So I dont know what it looks like on a regular 1080p LCD or LED set.


But the game (best interactive movie ever ) does look stunning.

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Topic Moved


You've been around long enough to post in the correct sub, Showan. No excuse for being that lazy ;)

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My bad on that one.


I actually thought I was under the Sony Banner when typing this initially.


The excitement took over a little bit

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Looked about the same from the stream to me but you seem happy with your new purchases so grats :)

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