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New Horizons Mission - Pluto + Charon Encounter

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Jim K    13,735
29 minutes ago, DocM said:


By Rosetta's OSIRIS instrument team. 





It could be ... however, 67P has not been confirmed as a contact binary.  Even the source you pointed to states that "contact binary is suggested" and "we argue that..."  


Once again ... I'm just going by what NASA and Alan Stern have stated.  Instead of trying to correct me ... maybe you could bring it up to them. 


"What you’re seeing is the 1st contact binary ever explored by a spacecraft."  -- NASA

“What you’re seeing is the first contact binary ever explored by spacecraft: two completely separate objects that are now joined together.” - Alan Stern


Anyway, I do not think one can argue that Ultima Thule is a text book example of contact binary object.  

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Draggendrop    5,747

Bits and bytes...



Mark Showalter: no moons found yet orbiting MU69, but still looking





Silvia Protopapa: the two lobes of MU69, dubbed Ultima and Thule, have the same average color. Consistent with theory of formation process.





Stern: New Horizons will go behind the sun today (from the Earth's perspective) causing a five day pause in the downlink. Starting on January 10th, a long 20 month period of downlinking will begin.




















Starting January 10th, we have a 20 month download....kind of like netflix on a busy holiday night....

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Jim K    13,735

Some what higher res of Ultima Thule:





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