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my call sign will be 31Xray1153(I'll be out of Reno, NV.) as I got it reactivated by the Xray club in recent weeks so I'd love to contact anyone who wants to. I'm having to use my BBQ on my patio to mount my magnetic K40 whip to my bearcat 980 ssb radio. I'll try to assess what frequency seems to get traffic but not too much, so I don't get drowned out or caught up in the hash and trash that sometimes happens. (if you still call it hash and trash). I emphatically stay away from AM channels and stick to LSB/USB because I tend to think from my experiences AM isn't my cup of tea. So today, I purchased a power supply to turn my mobile rabio into a base station and this is the power supply: I used to run one years ago. on a Radio shack SSB system. like I saw above. I guess the eye candy of the uniden model 980 and 880 allow for me to change the color of the interface as I like. it will be delivered sometime between july 28th - July 31st. so catch me on usually 37 LSB or USB. I'll go with 1153 or the full 31Xray1153. I've had this callsign for 23 years. but military service stopped me for most of that time.





one last thought, what's impresive about this uniden radio is, it has its own built in SWR meter for me to weekly check my efficiency of signal. since back in my day, we had to buy a small SWR meter unit to test out our efficiency. whew, I've been aout of the game a long while.

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