variably controlling dc motor

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First off im new to the site. If anyone knows of a more appropriate forum for my questions please feel free to direct me. 

I am currently in the middle of a vintage moped build. 1978 Puch Newport with a list of mods that would take an hour for me to type. I stumbled upon a cheap electronic turbocharger on ebay. Realizing that putting a turbo on  70cc 2 stroke is taboo, i was quickly entertained by the idea. It is basically a dc fan motor that packs air into the cylinder. More air allows more fuel which creates more horsepower. I need to be able to control the speed of the fan in order to sustain preferred stoichiometric curve. My goal is to fabricate a quarter twist throttle not only pulling the throttle cable to the carburetor, but also controlling the speed of the fan as well. I am picturing something similar to a rheostat or variable resistor.. electrical just isnt my strong suit. Again, if im in the wrong spot i apologize. Once i start on a problem i cant stop. 

Thank you!

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