All Future Xbox 360 Games With Gold Titles Will Be Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

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Today at Gamescom, Microsoft announced that all future Xbox 360 titles included with the Games With Gold program will work on Xbox One by way of backwards compatibility.


Games With Gold is Microsoft's loyalty program for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. As part of it, subscribers get free games (on Xbox One and Xbox 360) every month.

Xbox One backwards compatibility is currently available only to Xbox Preview Program members, but will launch for everyone in November, Microsoft also announced today.

There will be more than one hundred games available at launch, with "hundreds" more coming later.

You can see the initial lineup of supported games here.

The Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 during the week of E3, something that Microsoft thinks is at least partially attributable to backwards compatibility.

I'm definitely going to need a second hard drive...

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  • 2 weeks later...

All good with me.  100-titles at launch alone is nuts.

If they can get to 100 titles (w/working DLC) by November/December, i would consider that a "major holiday" release feature as well..

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At this rate I'll need a third one by this time next year.

Or you could buy just one larger drive? :p

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Or you could buy just one larger drive? :p

Already have a 4TB external plus the 500gb internal.

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