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Cage Ata

Hey Everyone! I'm currently working on a start screen concept but thought I would throw up the first draft of a slightly improved start screen. I have been constantly refining my ideas using the feedback app and Windows Insiders & will continue to do so. In reality, there is plenty more I would like to add such as interactive tiles etc but I don't think its possible for Microsoft to implement this feature at this development stage. Instead I am focusing on ideas and functionality that is still feasible! Such as the unification of PC to Mobile :)You can follow my progress on Behance ! 

- Tile Groups. Just like in Windows 10 PC!
- Centered Tile Headings
- Large tiles & Portrait Tiles
- The return of the 8.1 People App Live Tile
- Transparent Action Center
- Horizontal Action Bar
- Interchangeable widgets in Action Center ( Cortana, Brightness Slider)
- Microsoft Edge background downloads
- Email to reminder

I am also working on new Music Controls, Lock Screen, App List and much more!

Hope you like it so far! Don't forget to vote :D 



Action Center solo phone.jpg

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Dot Matrix

Don't care for the iOS "frosted glass" look.

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Cage Ata

Ill keep that in mind :) I would have preferred Aero Glass!

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The top bar reminds me of the first Android G1 phone.

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The action centre looks interesting but I agree, frosted glass seemed out of place.

Please continue to come up with new concepts so that I can continue to lament the real windows 10 mobile.

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Dot Matrix


As opposed to static icons?

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Ian S.

The last thing they need to do is redesign the OS again... Start iterating Microsoft!

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