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Search disabled on forums for now (Sep 8 2015) / Update: Reenabled :)

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Steven P.    14,685

Thanks to the conversion, which still hasn't completed, we have been forced to disable search for now, because it was generating MySQL queries that the server couldn't handle, and subsequently generating a "TOO MANY CONNECTIONS" error or a 504 Gateway Time-out, some of you are probably familiar with them.

We have contacted IPS (makers of IPB) about the query and to rant about how it is taking 7+ weeks to convert from IPB 3 to 4 (it really is unacceptable) and hopefully they will respond with some help. Previously they told us to disable the Activity Stream, which hasn't been available at all since the upgrade.

As some will know, the search doesn't even work properly since the upgrade due to the upgrade tasks, and I would ask everyone who needs to use search to use google site search instead for now, it's quicker and probably more accurate in our current state, here's a link to the advanced search options, just enter neowin.net as the domain to search within. http://www.google.com/advanced_search

Thanks, and as always Thank you for your continued support, and patience.

Edited by Steven P.
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Ian S.    758

Will the forums return to the thinner navbar like the front page? Right now the nav bar just takes up extra pixels adds to the already large posts as some have noted.

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DaveLegg    1,014

Search is now re-enabled

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