Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain, suddenly stopped...?

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Purchased MGS5_TPP today and played it for a while to the point where you meet a familiar face from the past on a horse... (no spoiler) and it comes up with a message (as attached image). it's been like this now for 30 minutes and hasn't bugged. I have restarted the game twice and to be honest I am very disappointed. I am aware there are bugs within the game, but this is just taking the just does nothing.

I think I will wait until they patch the game because this is just beyond the joke now. it's not looking good for the developers. The games comes with two codes and the online additional content keeps coming up with a message stating the code I entered is invalid or incorrect. Well I know for sure the code is correct. Therefore, there must be something wrong with the code.

It's to be expected, there isn't a game that isn't released these days without bugs.



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I don't know. Playing the pc version and it's been nothing short of an amazing experience. The game runs flawlessly and sure the story is a little bonkers but that's part of what makes it so great. Aside from little things like no mouse support in menus I have not experienced a single crash or performance issue.

It looks like to me, not knowing anything about playstation 4 that maybe your game hasn't installed or downloaded properly. I'd check that out first before blaming the game itself.

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It's working now after 3 restarts of the game...? :woot:

I had to restart the game 3 times and I knew it was going to load this time because it got a lot further than before. I am now on the second chapter. The graphics on the PS4 are stunning. The game play is so smooth the cinematic cut scenes are flawless and blend in with the game so well. This is the first MGS I have ever played. I have never been a fan up until now. I know KONAMI are aware there are some issues which across all platforms and they are working to resolve the bugs. Now it's working again it is too late for me. Work in the morning. :(

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