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Whats an AK-47 and Saiga 12 fan to do when the US has embargoed their importation over Ukraine? Buy one made in the USA. They we're at this years SHOT show displaying models made for the US market & geared for US shooters preferences.

I have an older Saiga 12, and it took quite a bit of tuning to get the gas ports properly aligned etc., but once done it's been a helluva good auto tactical shotgun. Suposedly these will be good out of the box.


We are very excited to debut the new Kalashnikov USA products. Since the imposition of sanctions against Concern Kalashnikov in Russia on July 16, 2014, we are working to transform our company and staff from an importer and 922(r) compliant conversion specialist, to a full-fledged manufacturer. We are very proud of the results shown in the following pages and we hope you will appreciate our efforts.

We started with the proven AK-47 design, utilizing the Russian Heritage of the long stroke, gas piston, rotating bolt design. Starting with a firearm that is simple to operate, easy to maintain and built to last for years, this reliable and durable firearm has all the stopping power of a .30 caliber round. To this legendary firearm, we added the American Innovation. First, thru the use of CNC design and manufacturing, all of the parts that were formerly cast, are now CNC manufactured, meaning the tolerances of the parts can be tighter, resulting in an improved fit and finish. Less space and play between the moving parts results in smoother operation, a crisper trigger and more accurate shot placement. Depending on the material, all parts are now finished in phosphate or black oxide, for longer and better anti-corrosion resistance. The barrels and chambers are nitrocarburized case hardened for a long life with superior corrosion resistance. Nitrocarburization is a more environmentally friendly process than chrome lining a barrel.

The superiority of the autoloader. Shotguns based on the AK design have reached a level of such popularity in the USA because of the same Russian Heritage as the AK rifles, the same design, the same operation and the same reliability as the AK rifles. We are using the same American Innovation on the shotguns, including CNC production, and improved coatings. We are also applying our experience doing 922(r) shotgun conversions to improving the shotgun cycling.


For the AK purists, we offer models with the AK-47 type wood furniture and AK-74 type polymer furniture.
For users who appreciate the modularity afforded by the addition of Picatinny rails we offer the Modern AK models, including side folding stock models.


We are proud to present an affordable autoloader with pistol grip and AK type stock. Two tactical shotgun models, one with a folding steel stock and aluminum quad rail for home defense or Law Enforcement use, and a three gun competition shotgun.

Our goal at Kalashnikov USA is to maintain the quality, durability and reliability of the past, while using the best production methods of today, to produce the finest firearms in the world.

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A gun invented in the Soviet Union, a inextricable symbol of Communism and the Cold War being manufactured in the good ol' US of A.


I do love America sometimes.

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but would it perform as reliably as original AKs?


Same design, but better materials and more consistent manufacturing processes. This matters as it, and the Russian made  Saiga 12 shotgun which I own, both have issues and need TCL to get them right by US standards. My Saiga 12 needed serious gas port work to fix ejection problems. Out of the box they're often misaligned / blocked etc.

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Oh wow...these guys completely missed the point. I served in the regular army and used Kalashnikov...that thing was good because of it's simplicity. I think there was no more than 5 moving parts, and because it wasn't super precisely made it was almost impossible to jam it, if possible at all.

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I thought the US made Variant of the AK47 only fires semi auto (is this true?)

To purchase a full auto it has to have been made in or before 1986. If available you then have to fill out a paper storm and pay a special tax. 

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