PlayStation 4 receives official 50 pound price drop in the UK this October

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe confirmed to Eurogamer this week that the PlayStation 4 will be receiving an official price drop to £299 from £349 on the 9th of October 2015. 

This date coincides with the release of the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection 500GB & 1TB PS4 bundles. The units being sold will be the new 1200 series and will retail at £299 and £349 respectively. 

The PlayStation 4 is set to receive similar price cuts in Japan and Asia in October but it is not yet confirmed if mainland Europe or North America will benefit from the price cut. The UK has always been a competitive market and whilst the RRP has been £349 since launch a number of retailers have chosen to sell the console below the £300 price point. In fact Sony launched their own temporary initiative back in April where they lowered the RRP to £299 for a week promotion. This time however the price cut is permanent. 

This should enable retailers to discount the older models even further and we should start seeing very competitive deals in the UK this Christmas. 

PlayStation 4 has sold more than 2 million units in the UK as of May 2015.

UK online already undercutting lol 4/Games/53684/playstation-4-uncharted-the-nathan-drake-collection

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Goody gumdrops. Fingers crossed for a £200 solus deal at last. £50 for an extra 500GB is cheeky, though; you can get a compatible 1TB hard drive for just £40.

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Bundles are going to be crazy competitive this year!

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