Xbox chief wants Xbox 360 games to work on PC

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that he wants to play Xbox 360 games on PC. In an interview with Gizmodo Brazil, Microsoft’s gaming chief talked more about what he wants his team to possibly work on in the future. One of those things includes enabling people to play games built for the company’s last console on Windows 10. After building the 360 emulator for Xbox One, this probably wouldn’t require a ton of tinkering, but Spencer noted that it’s not something he has engineers actively working on.


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Honestly, they've built a foundation to make all the gaming possible between PC and the three Xbox generations all one area. Eventually they're going to have the original Xbox games work on the One, I don't doubt this at all, and they probably won't even need the emulator for that. I think Microsoft has this in the bag in terms of cross-platform compatibility.

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George P

Nothing stops them from running on Windows 10 devices but the thing is, other than their own titles I doubt other publishers will care to do it unless they can resell them and PC versions through the Windows store, which is possible as well.  But as far as loading up a 360 dvd into your PC and having it work, don't think so.

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