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Ok I feel weird even asking this but does anyone know where the navigation bar settings are located in 10.0.10549.4 ?

The navigation bar is covering parts of apps and will hide at first but there is no way to hide it again after it pops up. Version 8.1 had a "V" next to the back button to hide the bar when needed.




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I didn't try win10 yet, but on wp8.1gdr2 you can hide the navigation bar by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen. So maybe the same thing apply for win10 (?)

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      - Large tiles & Portrait Tiles
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      - Horizontal Action Bar
      - Interchangeable widgets in Action Center ( Cortana, Brightness Slider)
      - Microsoft Edge background downloads
      - Email to reminder
      I am also working on new Music Controls, Lock Screen, App List and much more!

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