Best Direction to Improve Projector Picture Quality?

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What is the best direction to take to improve picture black/contrast.  Lights are always off, viewing it always/only at night.  I'm not interested in daytime viewing with the projector, I have a tv mounted behind the screen drop.

Current Setup;
-> VisualApex 1.1gain 106in White Matte Screen Electric
-> BenQ W1080ST DLP

Sharpness doesn't seem to be an issue, or clarity.  Where I'd like to improve is black level/contrast.  I'd like to do something but I'm unsure which direction to take.  With my current setup, I'm limited to short throw projectors due to mounting location.  But if its what is needed to be done, then I can move the projector to a more standard location.  From my research a Silver colored screen may be my best choice for contrast.  Regardless of the options of projector vs screen upgrades. I know to produce black; it is the absence of light.

If I get a higher lumens projector, wouldn't this increase overall light in the room?  If I get a higher gain screen, wouldn't this increase light in the room as well? Should I sway away from a DLP in my usage due to DLP's Black limitation(s)? (at this that I've read).

Living Room specs;
->Tan Walls, White Ceiling (repainting not an option at this point).
11ft High Vaulted Ceilings
26ft Wide at Longest Point
15ft Length to wall from Screen
8ft at the Lowest Point of Ceiling
Visual: (no the posters are not left on during the viewing experience)

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check si's black diamond screen.  Silver isn't bad, black diamond is better.

You don't necessarily need a higher lumens projector, but you should be looking for a high quality projector.  They do have laser projection and they advertise absolute black with them...I have yet to see one in the real world.


FWIW, we just put in a 244 inch si slate screen (gray/silver) at work...not really impressed with that and the projector choice...doesn't really pop (higher end epson short throw projector, 5k lumens) is the CEO's new board room.


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Cinema grey (I think it's D65) is probably better than silver, depending on situation. silver can have other issues and if you have a high lumen projector grey is best. Also reduce brightness. And decide if you want a realistic detailed picture (what many people see as grey and les alive) or an artificially dynamic contrast picture with huge differences from deep black to bright white and lots of details lost in the black and white, but a picture that appears sharper and to non movie people more vivid.

also dont get a drop down screen. Get a framed screen with a thick black glossed frame. This will make the picture a lot better. You avoid V folds, the frame will make the picture perfectly square as you can overshoot a tiny bit and it won't show, the deep black floss on the frame also makes the picture get a much deeper contrast due to tricking your eyes (it's a white spot/color theory thing. Same thing as which of these grey squares are darker illusions)


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