Lumia 1020 - Couple of suggestions

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Noir Angel

I brought myself one mainly for the camera, I mostly use apps on my tablet so the lack of apps isn't really a problem, but there are a couple of things I'd like to change.

Firstly, I'm getting horrible battery drain. And that has continued even after disabling all of the background apps that I don't need running. I enabled battery saver, and turned my WiFi off overnight, and the battery still drained by 1/3. Any way I can work out what's happening? The battery use of all my apps doesn't look abnormal. The phone is a used one, but it's in very good condition and seems to work properly apart from the battery drain

Secondly, I noticed that when I shoot at night with the Lumia camera app and it goes into night mode, it seems to add an annoying green hue to photos, and when I shoot in any of my day modes, it seems to be over saturating colours, greens are the most noticeable. Are there any good aftermarket camera apps for WP that offer better colour balance, but still have the option to shoot 16:9 and save both a 5mp and 34mp image / raw file?


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The phone really underpowered for a 41MP camera. You should had got a good SLR camera instead.

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