Please help me with booting problems

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I have this very strange problem that I don't know how to fix -

Whenever I restart my computer using Windows XP I get

a BRIGHTER display of everything - usually the text appearing when you

restart is white, but it's not bright, and after the restart, everything

changes to this horrible bright white color. If I press the restart button

on the computer, it gets back to normal.

I run also Windows 98 and WinME and I don't have this problem. I had it also

in Windows 2000.

Please help me to solve this problem.

I would appreciate your help - I tried everything.

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That sounds like quite a strange problem. Is this ONLY with restarting? I don't have much eXPerience with restarting... I only ever shut down my computer but when I DID do a restart that didn't happen.

You might want to try upgrading your BIOS if possible but I doubt that will help much. You best bet is to just not restart. XP is meant to be this BRILLIANT stable OS with 100+ hours up time and you want to restart? LOL.

I seriously don't restart my computer... I only shut down and then power it up again. It might sound strange but I have never found restarts to be reliable in comparison to shutting down and booting up again.


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Although what you said about restarting is completely true, I'm still trying to figure out this thing.

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xpressman - I have had exactly that problem! It happened once in Win 2K and once in XP. I have no idea what caused it or what made it go away (it just did!).

It happens everytime you restart? That must suck.

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