Are video/audio hiccups & glitches normal on Blu-ray players?

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I've had the Sony BDP-S360 Blu-ray player for six years and never had a single issue until now. The HDMI port is failing so I'm trying to find a replacement.


I ended up buying the Panasonic BD 903 player over the Black Friday weekend for $40 at Best Buy. I decided to go for it since Panasonic players always had good reviews. But in the few days I had it, I experiences a couple of video/audio hiccups. This is something I NEVER had to deal with on the Sony player. I wanted to take it back but my friends are telling me to keep it because it seems to perform well overall and one or two occasional hiccups is normal and not a big deal, according to them.


So, is a minor glitch here and there normal with Blu-ray players? I'm trying to decide if a minor occasional hiccup is serious enough to warrant a return.

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The Evil Overlord

what kind of glitch or hiccup? As it may be a bad unit, And as it's new, you can still get it replaced with a similar model

My old Panasonic SCBT735 died on me after about 5 or 6 years of service, so I had to replace it, but it was more likely due to 'burning out' as it's used a lot for dvd's more than blu ray, so I accepted it was self inflicted

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It was a very brief audio stutter when watching a movie.  I replayed the scene to make sure it wasn't a bad spot or scratch on the disc that caused the stutter. When I replayed it, that scene played perfectly the second time around. So, that proves it was just a random audio glitch that occurred for no apparent reason.

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