3D Printing: What do you print?

3D Printing: Do you print?  

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  1. 1. Do you 3D Print?

    • Yes!
    • No.
    • Too complicated!
    • I want too, just don't have the...(Time, Money, etc..)

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Hey guys & gals!


So, I'm fairly curious to see how many people actually have a 3D Printer, and what they use it for.


What 3D Printer do you have? I haven't decided on mine yet, I have a specific task in mind.

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I print out those little plastic things that go in the middle of a boxed pizza for delivery. Pretty soon, I'll have about 1,000 and be able to sell them for $5. Woooohoooo! 

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I printed a 3D printer :rofl:


to get serious though, if you are a lego person it's neat to be able to print custom pieces out of ABS

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